Calla Kessler, visual journalist Calla Kessler, visual journalist


nebraska raised, dc-based visual journalist  

What's worse in a quick bio? Using third-person or excessive use of "I?" Calla is still deciding. 

I use my camera to promote understanding. It's a tool to convey empathy and forge genuine human connection. I want to be a journalist for others, not myself. I strive to listen first, then translate stories into images. 

I earned my bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis on English and history from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I have worked in Florida, Nebraska and Washington D.C., where I am now for my second summer at The Washington Post.

In my spare time, I enjoy butchering the lyrics to your father's favorite 70s hit on karaoke night or reading a good book. There's really no in-between. 

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