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visual journalist based in nebraska 

Many assume Nebraska does not lend itself well to photojournalism. However, my Midwestern roots challenge and inspire my love of visual storytelling. I know how to uncover a photo beneath a ruse of the ordinary. When on assignment, I not only know how to shoot, but I have the skills to document it live via social media platforms.

My love of meeting new people has fueled my interest in photojournalism. I try to use humor and friendship to connect with people. Experience has taught me to be a journalist for others, not myself.  I strive to listen first, then translate stories into images. 

I am currently a senior photojournalism major at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, available for freelance work. This summer, I will be based in D.C. as the photo intern at the Washington Post and this upcoming fall I will intern for the ´╗┐Palm Peach Post´╗┐ in Florida. 

In my spare time, I enjoy butchering the lyrics to your father's favorite 70s hit on karaoke night.

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